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mediaTHOR HD (MMP-100L)

Multimedia players arrow mediaTHOR HD (MMP-100L)

mediaTHOR HD (MMP-100L)

8level mediaTHOR HD media player is a very practical device to watch Full HD movies, listen to music or enjoy photo slideshows. Its small and slim design combined with large number of supported file formats makes it ideal for every home TV system.

Connect external USB devices (hard disk enclosure, digital camera, camcorder, DVD Player etc.) to show your media on your TV set or use Ethernet port to browse specific internet services like: YouTube, Picasa, CNN, Le Figaro, Flickr or BBC News.

Enjoy the spectacular quality of High Definition video and audio. Operate your media center easily with the included remote control.

¦ FULL HD 1080p (H.264 MKV)
¦ HDMI 1080p digital output / Composite Out / Optical Out
¦ Multi card reader
¦ 2 x USB 2.0 HOST to connect external storage devices
¦ LAN/WLAN (optional)
¦ Internet services video / photo / news
¦ Multi language menu
Memory Card: SD, MMC and MS
USB Input: 2 ports USB 2.0 Hi Speed HOST


OSD Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Polish and more
Video Codec: H.264, MKV WMV, MPEG 1/2/4, HD DivX, XviD, FLV, RM/RMVB
Video File: mkv, ts, m2ts, mts, tp, trp, wmv, ifo, iso, vob, dat, avi, mpg, mp4, mov, rm, rmvb, divx, xvid, flv
Video Resolution: H.264, MKV, WMV, RM/RMVB, TS and HD DivX support up to 1920x1080p
Subtitle: txt, sub, smi, ssa, srt, idx+sub
Photo File: BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG
Video Out: CVBS, HDMI 1.3 (max 1080p)
Audio Out: HDMI digital, Optical, Stereo R/L
Internet Service: YouTube, Picasa, CNN, BBC, Flicker, Le Figaro
LAN: RJ-45, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n (optional)
Internet Radio: Yes
Remote Control: Yes
Package Contents:

mediaTHOR HD MMP-100L

Remote control

Composite cable (3xRCA-3xRCA)

Power Adapter DC12V 2A

User Guide in Polish and English languages


Power Supply:

Input: AC 100-240 50/60Hz

Output: DC 12V 2A

Weight: 248g
Dimensions: 170 x 125 x 25 mm (depth x width x height)
Operating Temperature: 0°C–40°C (32°F–104°F)
Operating Humidity: 10%–90%
FAQ - information about how to solve problems that may occur while using the device.

Q: I have connected the Player to my television. Why is no picture showing on my television or no sound coming from my television?

A: This problem may have several causes. Please check the following items:
1) Please ensure that you have selected the correct AV source on your television set.
2) Please check that you have connected the correct cable for the output of the video and audio signals. Information on the correct connection of the Player to your home entertainment system can be found in the " Connection of TV audio and video output " chapter in the previous Basic Operation guide.
3)When the player is connected to HDMI or optical ,please choose the correct option in Setup menu. You can also refer to Audio Settings in Setup Menu chapter.
Repeat this procedure until the picture is correctly displayed on your television.

Q: My Player is connected correctly to my television. I can no longer see my media files in the browser or they are only partially listed in the "Browser".

A: A special media filter is active if you press one of four buttons( as ALL ,MUSIC,PHOTO,MOVIES )on the remote control. Only media files that correspond to the active media filter are displayed on your television.
If you select e.g. the media filter "Music ", no picture files are shown in the browser. If you want to see all supported media files, please choose the media filter "All ".
a)  Unsupported format.
Your Player supports a great variety of media file formats, a detailed list can be found at the end of these instructions. If you try to play a file that uses an unsupported file format, a message will be displayed. If you want to check the utilized audio and video format for a media file, you can refer to “specification” chapter.
b) The chosen media source is not connected to the PLAYER
If you select a media source that is not currently connected to the Player, such as a USB stick, this source will be displayed as empty. As soon as a device is connected, the content appears in the respective path.
If no folders or files are displayed for a resource connected via the network, check the settings for your network and your network shares. Please check the user name and password, if they are required for access, and also the firewall settings of your computers.

Q: I want to copy files onto an external data storage device with my Player, but I always get an error message.

A: To use the copy function of your Player, the device (or the partition), that you want to copy the data onto, must be formatted with one of the following file systems: FAT, FAT32, NTFS, ext3. Please use only targets formatted with FAT, FAT32, NTFS or ext3 for copying onto.

Q: I want to perform a firmware update for my Player but my television goes blank.

A: In some cases, the display via HDMI is not correct during a firmware update.
Please make sure that your Player is also connected to your television via the composite video connection during the firmware update, not only via HDMI, and select the composite video input as the active input of your television.

Q: I want to access files with the Player that I have shared in my network. My home network is working correctly, but the Player does not list the files.

A: If you do not have access to the shared files, please check the following points:
1) Check if the network cable is connected properly at both sides, i.e. to the Player
and to your network.
2) Make sure that the computer that you want to access is running and not in a standby or idle mode.
3) Check the network and file sharing settings on your computer.
4) Check that you have entered the correct user name and password. Please note that they are case sensitive.
5) Make sure that your firewall settings permit the Player to access your computer.
6) If you want to access files that are stored on a USB data storage device which is connected to a router and thus made available as network storage, please note that you must set up a connection to the drive using "My_Shortcuts ". To do so, you must enter the IP address of your router as well as the user name and the password necessary to access the network storage.

Q: How is it possible that the playback of a file from a shared folder in the network is aborted?

A: The energy saving settings of the computer or the NAS interrupt the connection.
If the energy saving settings of your computer or your NAS are active, then they can go into an idle state or a sleep mode even though they are being accessed via the network. During a sleep mode no data is transferred via the network. Please adjust the energy saving settings of the media source so that it does not go into a sleep mode while you play files via the network.

Q: Why is it possible that there are interruptions when playing movies from my local network?

A: Sometimes, there are several devices in a network that have to share the maximum data transfer rate possible via a network connection (shared medium). If there are several connections active in the network you use the Player in (e.g. to the internet, a shared printer, etc.), it is possible that this lowers the data transfer rate available for the streaming of the data to the Player to a level that is insufficient for the playback of e.g. a DVD file or an HD movie file. Should you experience such problems, please try to reduce the amount of data transferred by other users of your network.

Q: While using the Player, it no longer responds to my commands.

A: This problem may have several causes. Please check the following items:
1) Please aim the remote control in the direction of the Player so that direct visual contact between these two devices exists and ensure that the infrared receiver of the remote control and the Player are not covered.
2) Check the battery in the remote control and, if necessary, replace it with a new one.

Q: I have connected the Player to my TV via HDMI and I want to change the video output signal, but the video output resolution I want to use is not available.

A: This problem may have several causes. Please check the following items: 1).Your TV does not support all possible video output resolutions.
Go to the settings menu of your Player and select "HDMI Auto " under the menu item "TV system ". Your Player will try to automatically select the best possible video output resolution for your TV.
2).In some rare cases it is possible that not all options supported by the TV are selectable. This problem can occur when the TV is switched on from its standby mode, regardless of the current operating status of the PLAYER.
In order to be able to select all video output resolutions supported by your TV, disconnect your Player from the power supply and reconnect it after a few seconds. Now all available video output resolutions are shown in the settings menu.

Q: Why can't I hear any sound on my television when I connect it via HDMI?

A: This problem may have several causes. Please check the following items:
a) An audio output format that is not supported by your television is selected.
b) The volume is to low / Mute is active.
c) Please select the correct digital output mode in the Setup Menu. Go to the audio settings menu and select the menu entry "Digital-Audio -Out " and choose the option "HDMI LPCM/RAW" if your television set does not support real surround sound. You can also refer to the Audio Settings.

Q: Why mustn't I disconnect the Player from the mains supply without having switched if off beforehand?

A: The loading or saving of the current system settings takes approx. 10 seconds when the Player is turned on or off. If the player is disconnected from the mains supply without having been switched off beforehand, settings and data may be lost. Please always switch off the Player by pressing the power button on the device or on the remote control and wait until the power button on the Player lights up red.
I have connected the Player to my television. Why is no picture showing on my television or no sound coming from my television?